Acoustic Rendezvous(アコースティック・ランデブー)
伊藤大輔 x 宮本貴奈 【Acoustic Rendezvous(アコースティック・ランデブー)】 「the Summer Songbook」2017年6月26日発売

伊藤大輔 Daisuke Ito – vocal
宮本貴奈 Takana Miyamoto – Piano


GPHR-17001 2017·6·26 ¥2,500+税 初版限定盤

1. Summer Soft (S. Wonder) 4:17
2. Things We Did Last Summer 5:26
3. Norwegian Wood (arr. C. Tamburr) 5:22
4. Maria ~ Tonight (from ‘West Side Story’) 5:43
5. The Sound of Music ~ Something Good
(from ‘The Sound of Music’) 5:40
6. Love Me Do (the Beatles) 3:19
7. After the Love Has Gone (Earth, Wind & Fire) 4:54
8. Fantasy (Earth, Wind & Fire) 6:00
9. Something (the Beatles) 3:28
〜初版限定 bonus track〜
10. 夏の思い出 3:02

アルバム発売記念 先行スペシャルライブ 6/2(金)8pm 古河 Up’s 6/8(木)7:30pm 神楽坂 the Glee
Arranged and produced by Daisuke Ito and Takana Miyamoto
Recorded live at ThTheGLEE, Tokyo by Hideyuki Hanaki on June 11th, 2016
Directed by Tsuyoshi Kinoe (TheGLEE, Tokyo)
Art direction and design by approach
Photo by Hideki Fukamachi
Hair & Makeup by Masanao Gotoh (SAINTS, Tokyo)
GPHR-17001 2017·6·26 ¥2,500+税
©2017ThTheGLEE, Daisuke Ito and Takana Miyamoto