1.A Whole New Life | from 8th album 「Love Again」(2008)
2.Moonshine featuring AISHA | from 12th album 「Shake」(2017)
3.Again(duet with EXILE ATSUSHI) | from 8th album 「Love Again」(2008)
4.Shosuke’s Place | from 1st album 「Everything She Said」(2000)
5.The Night Is Down On Me | from 2nd album 「Bewitching」(2001)
6.Sweet Lill’ Girl [新規音源]
7.Shine On | from 11th album 「Dear Mr. SINATRA」(2015)
8.Roberta | from 6th album 「30」(2004)
9.Our Love Story | from 8th album 「Love Again」(2008)
10.One Moment of Love | from 7th album 「A Brand-New Beginning」(2006)
11.I Just Miss You, That’s All | from 4th album 「CHEMISTRY OF LOVE」(2002)
12.Time Is Blue featuring シシド・カフカ | from 11th album 「Dear Mr. SINATRA SPECIAL EDITION」(2016)
13.Monday Midnight [新規音源]
14.Bon Bon au Chocolat with SHANTI | from 「Sweets Wonderland」(2017)
15.Life is Beautiful with m-flo & DOUBLE | from 「m-flo:ASTROMANTIC」(2004)
16.Sunshine[Zeebra featuring TOKU] | from 「Zeebra:25 To Life」(2013)
17.Again(TOKU Solo Version) [新規音源]