December 2013

Double Rainbow = Yosuke Onuma x Takana Miyamoto 'Voyage' Yosuke is a great guitarist, composer and a surfer.
This is a beautiful acoustic piano/guitar duo project with Yosuke.
The whole process of making this album was so natural and organic, and the sound of the album reflects that.

The album contains some standards along with our originals including;
– My One and Only Love
– Pent-Up House (Sonny Rollins’ jazz standard)
– For Fukushima (Yosuke’s original, a tribute to a beach in Fukushima)
– Sunshine Days (my original for a movie “Furusatogaeri’, the beautiful title given by Jennifer Kessler)
– Rainbow (my original written for Japanese Koto)
– Over the Rainbow (no need to say… )

Double Rainbow = Yosuke Onuma x Takana Miyamoto 'Voyage' Produced by Haruo Mita, Yosuke Onuma and Takana Miyamoto
Cover photo: AuraSoma equilibrium bottle #58.
Cover art concept by Maki Okumura

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